As the metaverse is gaining momentum and set to be the next disruptive technology. It is seen that the potential of metaverse as a new educational tool is immense. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the concept and educational applications of metaverse.

This blog post will walk you through all the details of all the educational applications of metaverse. First, I will briefly explain the metaverse scenarios through which you will come to know the application of metaverse in education. Then, I will give real life educational applications of metaverse available as of now. Finally, you will come to know the potential and limitations of educational applications of metaverse.  


In the previous post, I have discussed in detail the 4 metaverse scenarios. They are listed below.

These metaverse scenarios are obtained from the 4 quadrants of the metaverse which in turn is the combination of 4 vertices of the 2 axes of the metaverse. The 4 metaverse scenarios can be combined to form new aspects of metaverse enabling  technologies.

In this, I will explain the educational applications of metaverse in terms of all the 4 scenarios of the metaverse. In addition, you will come to know some real life applications of it in education.


Lifelogging scenario refers to loggings or gathering user and object information and communication data in metaverse. The metaverse gathers a lot of sensitive information.

 Lifelogging examples include user information in social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapshot, etc.  

Recently they have been a service that utilized biometric information stored through wearable devices in the medical field. Recently move2earn(M2E) concept came into being with launch of STEPN application where you will be paid to do exercise.

I will briefly explain some educational applications of metaverse in lifelogging scenarios.


stepn move to earn(m2e)

STEPN is the world’s first Move to Earn or Move2Earn (M2E) application. You can know more about  Move to Earn or Move2Earn (M2E) in this post. STEPN rewards users to walk, jog and run in the form of a token that has monetary value.

STEPN lifelogs your data from your mobile’s sensor and uses GPS to log your location. On the basis of that it rewards you. STEPN is used in the education and research field to do many things.

STEPN app available for both Android and iOS. The link for app is given below.

AndroidClick Here
iOSClick Here


Social Networking Service or SNS is an online platform in which you can build social networks or relationships with other user bases of similar interest. Educational SNS is the same as SNS but it matches another user with the same educational interest.

Educational SNS is used in Korea using classting artificial intelligence (AI). Classting AU analyzes students’ learning achievements and provides customized learning levels in subjects. It lifelogs the students data and puts it into an AI model. The AI analyzes the data and gives output.


Augmented Reality is widely used in the educational applications of the metavertse. It proved to be effective in learning material in many situations. The situations may be like

  • Things that is difficult to observe directly and explain in text
  • Fields that require continuous practice and experience
  • Fields with high costs and High Risks.

Augmented reality simulation content  in education applications of metaverse plays an important role. It  links abstract visuals to concrete objects by connecting the context of the real world and virtual objects. IIn the next section, I will analyze two real life education applications of metaverse in augmented reality scenarios.



Virtuali-Tee is an Augmented Reality (AR) T-shirt. Using Virtuali-Tee tshirt, a mobile and its app you can explore and learn about the human body in 3D. It allows users and students to examine the inside of the human body as if it were an anatomy lab.

As of now can explore the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems with fully immersive 360 degree video. Virtuali-tee app is available for free for iOS and Android and that too in 11 different languages.

But how to use virtuali-tee? You simply have to download the app and put your Virtuali-Tee Tshirt. Then you have to scan the tshirt and tap anywher on the screen of the app. You will see your heart in a 3D environment in the app.


In the medical field, Augmented Reality (AR) is used extensively now. Recently, a research team of a hospital in Seoul developed a spinal surgery platform using AR.

This platform uses a real-time projection of a pedicle screw for spinal fixation on a human body. It used an overlay graphic based on augmented reality to do so. Based on this platform, a spinal surgery education program will be developed. Further, it will be implemented in the education system for doing  actual surgery.


The digital twin of the physical world in the metaverse is known as the mirror world. Mirror world reflects every aspect of the physical world. The appearance, information and structure of the real world is transferred to the virtual world of metaverse.

The COVID-19 pandemic was the biggest accelerator to make the mirror world to mass adoption. Online class proved to be a game changer. Students flocked together to learn, collaborate, give exams in the virtual world. This envoked an infant version of the metaverse.

In the next section, I will provide examples of educational applications of metaverse in mirror world scenarios.


The Foldit platform provides an opportunity for all users to contribute to scientific research through games. According to Flotit website it describes Foldit as a reveoluting crowdsourcing computer games through which you can contribute to scientific research.

At the University of Washington, which studies protein structure, has used this digital lab to help people fold protein amino acid chains. In this game,the player is provided puzzles to solve and gets points and ranks up if they succeed.

 The Folit platform can be integrated into metaverse platforms and made into play2earn game or use in education metaverse. This type of project has huge potential in the metaverse and is a good educational applications of metaverse.



Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet acted as a virtual classroom in the pandemic.  Gather Town is an online video conferencing platform that supports mirror world. Gather Town has changed to be a metaverse platform.

Gather Town has creation tools where users are able to build their own custom and interactable space as listed below.

  • Virtual office
  • Conferences
  • University Campuses with Audotrium, Classroom, School campus etc.
  • Weddings Venue
  • Party Venue


Virtual world simulates the real world in the metaverse. Virtual world includes 3D graphics, avatars and communication tools that can be viewed as 2D versions or 3D versions using Mixed reality or Augmented Reality.

In the education applications of metaverse in virtual world scenarios, I will briefly discuss Zepeto and Roblox.


Zepto is an AR avatar service provide by Naver Z. Never Z is a South Korean internet conglomerate company. Using Zepto you can customize your unique 3D avatar and meet friend all over the world.

Zepto was launched in 2018. It cretes a 3D avatar of you using AR, Facial recognition and 3D technology. Your avatar can communicate with other users. Using AI technology Zepto creates 3D avatar from your image stored in your mobile.

Zepto has integrated SNS features inbuilt in it that allows you to exchange message, text and voice with other users. Education role-plays are an important educational applications of metaverse. For example, a teacher can select a classroom map, open a classroom, invite students, and interact with each other by voice or message on the classroom map.

University, Classroom and other educational virtual worlds can be created using Unity IDE. You can create a digital twin or mirror world of a real classroom. Then you can invite students to learn and do everything as in the real world.


Roblox classroom

Roblox is another example of a closed metaverse created in 2006. In roblox you can create your own space and enjoy your own game in real time. Roblox enables you to imagine, create and have fun with friends to explore immersive 3D experience.

In this section, I am here to discuss the education applications of metaverse in Robolox. Roblox Studio offers educators and families a free, student-friendly tool. The students can  to learn coding, computer science principles, animation, 3D design, and development. 

Roblox has Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) Practices that build the students creative confidence. Roblox supports education organizations to bring high quality learning and contents though sponsored grants, investments and advances.


I have already discussed some of the education applications of metaverse in the above section in terms of 4 metaverse scenarios. In this section I will provide a concise overall table of all of them and some more.

Metaverse ScenariosFeaturesEducational Applications of Metaverse
LifeloggingLogging user and object information in metaverseSTEPN, Educational SNS
Augmented RealitySmart metaverse environment using AR/VR?MRVirtuali-Tee, Spinal Surgery Platform
Mirror World Digital twins of Physical WorldDigital Labs, Virtual Education Institute
Virtual WorldInteraction and communication of avatars, virtual assetsRoblox, Zepto


The 4 scenario of the metaverse are accelerating the utilization of the metaverse in the educational applications of metaverse. There are many potential of the educational applications of the metaverse in the following way.

  • New Social Communication
  • Degree of Freedom
  • High immersion through virtualization


Due to COVID-19 pandemic,  private meetings and gatherings were restricted.  However, in the metaverse, millions of people can gather to hold a festival or participate in a virtual concert.

 Virtual reality metaverses such as Roblox, Zepeto, Decentraland, Sandbox, etc  provided users who could not go out due to COVID-19 with a new social space for meeting and relaxation. Educational applications of metaverse aid to new social communication.

Students benefited the most using metaverse. Instead of going to the real classroom, the students went to the Zepeto classroom. They met and communicated with their friends. Roblox was also used for the same purpose.


Many think that application of metaverse is merely just an online game but it is beyond that. However, in the metaverse the user can do anything he wants. What is meant is that there is no predefined path or course of action he can do.

Metaverse has much degree of freedom and experience many things that are not possible in real life. You can share events that are difficult to explain or experience in real life like flying in the sky, going to space, studying moon’s surface. 

By actively utlizing the degree of freedom, it is possible to design learning activities. Such learning activities can expand students’ freedom and experience beyond imagination. The students can refer to ideas of countless people across time and space to find the original answers.


The metaverse provides a high immersion through virtualization which overcomes limitations of the 2D world. Metaverse will provide a different experience from the current internet era due to complex use of various technologies.

Furthermore, the metaverse makes it possible to design a new experience and virtualization  that go beyond time and space. Educational applications of metaverse enables the use of infinite space and data. It has the advantage of allowing face-to-face interaction  and communication in education.


There are many educational applications of metaverse but it has some limitations also. Metaverse has made social connection very easy. It has a place where you can gather and communicate even if there are real world restrictions like social distancing. 

But, it is mind that social connections in the metaverse are much weaker than real social meetings. You cannot read and see the real emotions of the people you meet. I hope a time will come when this will be possible.

In addition, there are many security and privacy concerns in metaverse. These concerts are related to user information, communication, scenarios and contents of metaverse. You can learn more about all of these from this post.

High degrees of Freedom, user impersonation, anonymity, etc come with a large cost in the metaverse. Real life practicals, research, etc cannot level up with the simulation in metaverse. 

Some students may suffer from social skills and physiological problem from long term use of metaverse 


You have seen the possibility of education applications of metaverse with perspective to 4 metaverse scenarios. I have stated by briefly explaining the 4 metaverse scenarios. Then, you came to know in detail about the application of metaverse in education with 2-3 real life examples.

Next, the immense potential of educational applications of metaverse was discussed and finally I ended up with limitations of the educational applications of metaverse.

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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