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On May 18th , 2022, Kamal Hassan’s next film ‘Vikram’ revealed its NFT at Cannes International Film Festival.  The film will also planned to launch its metaverse experience in VistaVerse Metaverse.

 Vistaverse Metaverse is a metaverse project developed by Fantico, a Vistas Media Capital Company which has a whole ecosystem of metaverse products ranging from digital land to P2E  games to NFT marketplace.

Through this blog post, you will come to know everything about the Vistaverse Metaverse. I will explain the ecosystem of  Vistaverse Metaverse, its tokenomics, technology used, road map and investors. Moreover, I will list some games you can play in this metaverse and Vikram NFT you can buy from its marketplace.


Vistaverse Metaverse is a metaverse project developed by Fantico, a Vistas Media Capital Company which has a whole ecosystem of metaverse products ranging from digital land to P2E  games to NFT marketplace.

Vistas Media Capital is a leading media content and tech company with its headquarters in SIngapore having a lot of subsidiaries. These Subsidiaries will act to serve contents, build community, key relationship and funding to drive the growth of the Vistaverse Metaverse.

Vistaverse Metaverse


Vistaverse has a whole set of ecosystems in its metaverse. It is creating the digital twin of manay Indian cities.

This section will explain the whole ecosystem of vistaverse.


Digital Land or Virtual Real Estate is the building blocks of VistaVerse Metaverse. You can buy any piece of land in the metaverse as you want.

 Land in this city will be available city wise i.e there will be 8 different digital cities. In each city limited numbers of land will be available for you to buy. The digital cities in Vistaverse metaverse will be as follows.

  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Dubai
  • Singapore

If you buy any digital land in this metaverse, you can decide what you want to do. You can

  • Build business
  • Build House
  • Rent it out to others
  • Host P2E  games


As of now there are 3 P2E  games in Vistaverse metaverse. Household games such as Ludo and Snakes & Ladder games are made into play-to-earn games where you can earn cryptocurrency/money. This money can be traded to fiat currency or cash.

In the section below, I briefly introduce all the P2E games available in Vistaverse metaverse.


Travelland is the first P2E  game of Vistaverse. It is a combination of Treasure Hunt and Monopoly Game. Monopoly is a multiplayer board game like ludo. In the game, the players roll two dice to move round the game board, buying and trading properties.

In Travelland, the players will be able to collect virtual materials, craft objects and exchange them with other users. You can also buy and sell properties, create communities and build empires in this P2E  game.


Ludoplay is a combination of Ludo and Monopoly games. Ludo is an Indian traditional game which is typically played on a square-shaped board. In ludo game the 4 pawans of te player fight to get into a triangulated home by using dice number to move ahead.

In Ludoplay of Vistaverse metaverse, the core gameplay includes the trade and the purchase of Cities (cells) which the player can own and manage.


Ladderpoly is a P2E  game of Vistaverse metaverse similar to ludoplay. It is a combination of Monopoly Game and Snake & Ladders game. In ladderpoly cosit of 10×10 scored gridded board that represent a city of India with snakes and ladder spotted on it.

The player moves through the board by rolling the dice and the player to reach the goal is declared winner.


NFT Marketplace of Vistaverse is a popular among the Indian NFt enthusiast. It has a massive collection of over 10K NFTs. You can find the following types of NFT in thios metaverse

  • Celebrity Superstar NFTs like Kamal Hassn, Jonny Lever, Javed Aktar and more
  •  NFT from Vistaverse P2E games
  • Digital Land NFTs


Apart from Digital Land and NFTs, you can have immersive experiences in Vistaverse Metaverse. It is place of fun, excitement and learning where brand and content creators can showcase their digital talent. 

In Vistaverse, you can do the following

  • Immersive AR/VR experience
  • Watch live stream events
  • Attend the NFT art gallery.

This metavere has curated content, branded content and User generated content(UGC).Even if you are non-technical individual, you can create content in this metaverse 


Vistaverse Metaverse is using Morpheus Labs Blockchain Platform As as Service (BPaaS) to build their metaverse project. The Polygon Blockchain is used in Vistaverse to store ownership data of virtual digital assets like digital land, NFTs and other digital assets.

You can use your Metamask wallet to securely transact the digital assets. IPFS (InterPlanetary File SYstem) is used as a storage platform to store digital assets. 

The unique digital assets such as digital land and NFTs will be stored as ERC721 NFT tokens. Multiclass fungible digital assets, such as in-game items will be stored using ERC1155 NFT tokens. The currency of Vitstaverse, $VVio is a mintable ERC20 fungible token. Details tokenomics is discussed in next section.


Vistaverse Metaverse has its own currency/token which will be used as digital currency to purchase land, transit in P2E game, NFTs, etc within this metaverse. The detailed tokenomics and use of the token is discussed below.


$VVio token is the naive token of the VistaVerse metaverse. It is built on polygon has a fixed suppl of 1 Billion. $VVio is the essential metaverse virtual currency that fuels the VistaVerse ecosystem

Token : $VVio
Name: VistaVerse Token
Symbol: VVio
Token Distribution: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

USE OF $VVio Token

$VVio token can be used for the following purpose

  • Virtual Land of Vistaverse- VistaLand
  • In Game currency of P2E games of Vistaverse
  • NFT Marketplace and in
  • Immersive Experience in Vistaverse
  • Governance and DeFi

$VVio holders will be able to transact and claim rewards through participating in the many P2E games, purchase Celebrity  NFTs in the Fantico marketplace , buy and trade Land, view live streamed events and gain entry to the many curated or branded 

In the coming time, $Vivo token will be the governance token. Holders of Vistaland and $VIvo will mbe members of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The users will be the owners and managers of the entire Vistaverse ecosystem.


30% of $VVio token will  be reserved for P2E games. Some will be for team, ecosystem, advisors, etc. You can see the whole destruction of #VVio token for the pie chart and table below.

Distributions of Vivo token of vistaverse


In this section, the roadmap of vistaverse metaverse will be provided. Most of the activities are covered within stipulated time.

Q4, 2021

During the 4th Quarter of 2021, Vistaverse Metaverse team finished  the following activities.

  • Whitepaper and Litepaper of Vistaverse
  • Development of Websites, collaterals and technical development
  • New Build for existing products like Fantico and VistaLand
  • Development of MVP  for P2E Games of Vistaverse
  • Pre-Hype, Investors out-reach for seed and private sale.

Q1, 2022

During the 1st Quarter of 2022, Vistaverse Metaverse team finished  the following activities.

  • Launch of Marketing and PR campaigns
  • VistaVerse launch and land sale of Mumbai Vistaland sale.
  • Rollout of next stage of Partners and celebrities NFT campaigns
  • Private Sale and Investors Outreach ongoing
  • Investor Roadshow


During the 2nd Quarter of 2022, Vistaverse Metaverse team will finish  the following activities.

  • Public Sale and Token Generation Event (TGE)
  • Launch of ongoing Virtual Land Sales for Delhi and Hyderabad VistaLand sales.
  • Sequential launches of Marketing Campaigns and PR Initiatives
  • Launch of Beta version of LudoPoly game.


During the 3rd Quarter of 2022, Vistaverse Metaverse team will finish  the following activities.

  • Platform Audit
  • Major Exchanges Listing
  • Rollout of next phase of land sales with new features and $VVio integration
  • Preparation to launch activities for Dubai and Singapore
  • Launch of Beta version of Travelland.


Animoca Brand  is one the leading investors in building the Vistaverse Metaverse. Some other investors are listed below.

  • Anghami
  • Asia Token Fund
  • DiQuery
  • Polygon
  • Planet Martahi


Vistaverse Metaverse is the first Indian Metaverse for all.  It is created with a vision to rebuild India and create Indian cities of the future. This metaverse project has a promising future where you can create your personal footprint, socialize, play , eran and engage in many virtual events.

Vistaverse Metaverse ecosystem has the digital land-VistaLand which you can purchase, P2E games like Ludopoly, Ladderpoly and Travelland  for you to earn  $VVio tokens, NFT marketplace to buy celebrity and rare NFTs, etc.

 I have explained in detail about all the things you need to know about Vistaverse Metaverse. You have come know about the ecosystem of this metaverse, technology uses, about its digital currency-$VVio token, roadmap and partners and investors of Vistaverse Metaverse. 

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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