Metaverse Games or Play-to-Earn(P2P) games becoming popular and replacing the traditional one. Axes metaverse is such a brand new metaverse project being developed by Azure games. 

Axes metaverse is a blockchain powered metaverse based on Axes games already available. Axes metaverse will host a lot of play-to-earn games(P2P) in the metaverse. It will have two tokens, NFT characters, etc and moreover it will be managed by a DAO.

In this blog post I am going to give you an overview of the axes metaverse. You will get an overall knowledge so you can start investing your time to play this metaverse game.



I will start blogging about axes metaverse with some basic information on this metaverse.

Name: Axes MetaverseLaunch Date: Q2, 2022
Token: Axes Metaverse ShardsTeam/Developer: Azur Games
Blockchain: Binanace Smart Chain (BSC)Country of Origin: Cyprus


Axes Metaverse is a blockchain based metaverse where you can play axes games. So, basically it is a play-to-earn game. In the axes metaverse you can earn tokens, NFT, weapons & equipment, etc by playing their axes games i.e it is a P2E game.

Axes Metaverse will bring many games that can be played within their metaverse. Each game will be of different generates. Tokens  and NFT will be the driving factor of the games . Both token and NFT can be exchanged or carried on all the games plates within the axes metaverse.

The main aim of axes metaverse is to make user ownership through tokenization and eventually delegate the ownership to the players through DAO. By this axes metaverse can maintain a sustainable economy within the metaverse and in turn develop new exciting games mechanics.


There are many features of Axes Metaverse that make it unique from other metaverse. Some of them are listed below.

  • Multi-genre games in a single metaverse. The axes metaverse will host many types of games discussed in this section.
  • The game characters (called heroes) are NFT. They are interchangeable among the games.
  • The token is same for all the games being developed in axes metaverse
  • You can trade the token and NFT of this metaverse.
  • You can lend your heroes to other players and share the rewards.


Architecture of Axes Metaverse
Architecture of Axes Metaverse

The Axes Metaverse is going to be predominately game metaverse. So, the architecture of the game revolves around the games built to be played in the metaverse. As per my understanding the major components of the architecture of axes metaverse is going to be the following.

  • Play-to-earn Game
  • NFT Assets
  • DAO
  • Marketplace


Play-to-Earn Game is the first component that will be prevalent in the axes metaverse. The main character of the games of axes metaverse is called heros. The heroes may be on-chain or off chain. The on-chain or character on the blockchain are NFT of  the game.

The other objects like gold, shard, ingot, etc in the games will be the resources of the game. They will be called items. Shard and Ingot are going to be the token of axes metaverse as discussed here. Equipment will also be in-game common equipment and tokenized equipment.

Land in the game will be a tokenized plot. You can buy, sell and even capture others land by waging war with each other.


Decentralized Finance(DeFi) is incorporated into the DNA of axes metaverse. Your NFT assets like heroes, items, land, chests, etc can be sold to other players. The native token for this metaverse will be Axes Metaverse Shards(AMS). In turn you can exchange AMS in exchanges.


Marketplace is already active in Axes Metaverse. You can list your NFT assets like heroes, items, land, chests,etc in the marketplace for other players to buy. You can buy things from the marketplace using AMS tokens.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the main theme of Axes metaverse. This will be mainly done to create a sustainable economy within the metaverse. AMI will be token for anyone to be the part of Axes metaverse DAO.


axes metaverse games

The Axes game is already available for iOS, Android, XBox and Playstation with 10M+ download. But now this game is being developed using blockchain technology so users can earn tokens while playing the games.

Axes Battleground 

Axes Battleground will be a large-scale royal battle game like PUBG, COD Mobile. In this game many players will participate and throw axes on each other. The last player standing will win the game.

Axes Team Tactics

Axes Team Tactics is a tactical role playing game which is played in squads. A squad of players will perform dangerous missions or fight against another squad.

Axes Kingdom Wars

Axes Kingdom Wars will be a multiplayer strategy where you will have to fight for land ownership, build and defend castles. It will be a game like Age of Empires.


AT present Axes Metavers is going to have two tokens.

  • Axes Metaverse Shards(AMS)
  • Axes Metaverse Ingot (AMI)

These tokens will be listed in centralized and decentralized exchanges in future. The list of exchanges will be provided after the public token sale is ended on their social media and website.

Axes Metaverse Shards(AMS)

The Axes Metaverse Shards(AMS)  will be the universal metaverse currency of Axes Metaverse. It will be used in the majority of tasks in this metaverse. The native currency of Axes Marketplace is going to be AMS token.

Axes Metaverse Shards (AMS) is a BEP-20 token which has a limited supply of 1 billion.

Axes Metaverse Ingot (AMI)

The Axes Metaverse Ingot (AMI) token will be the governance token of Axes metaverse. The hold of AMI token will be a part of the DAO of axes metaverse. So, AMi token will be used for high-end activities.


Axes Metaverse is being built by Azur Games, They are one of the top 10 game publishers in the world. Azur Games are both game developer and publisher. They are best known for games like Stack Ball, Worms Zone, Bottle Jump 3D, etc. These games have millions and millions of downloads.


As of now there are 9 partners backing axes metaverse. They are listed below.

  • Avstar Capital
  • Firestarter
  • Abx Venture
  • Egamers.Io
  • Ygg Sea
  • Legion Venture
  • V99z
  • Onblock
  • Hodl

Avstar Capital is Venture capital that invests in crypto space. It was founded in 2016 and invested in over 60 projects. Firestarter is a launchpad for initial metaverse offerings. Abx venture invests and supports good early-stage projects.

Ygg Sea is the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia. It is a founding member of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance. Legion Venture is a community driven angel venture capital. 

Unblock is the largest crypto venture capital in south east asia. V99z invests in projects by assisting with marketing, community growth, advisory, and access to our vast industry network and resources.


Q4 2021

  • Launch website
  • Engage Play-to-Earn community and Strategic partners
  • Design tokenomics
  • Conduct GAO#1

Q1 2022

  • Launch marketplace
  • Allow to redeem Hero chests
  • Launch closed alpha
  • Conduct GAO #2 and #3
  • Conduct token sale

Q2 2022

  • Launch community test
  • Launch Axes Metaverse Chapter 1

Q3 2022

  • List Axes Metaverse Token on Tier-1 CEX
  • Launch tournaments
  • Launch gaming-guilds management tools
  • Conduct GAO #4 and #5
  • Tokenization of in-game items

Q4 2022

  • Community test of battler gameplay mode


At last, you are going to need all the official handle of axes metaverse. They are all listed here.

Website: axes.ioTwitter:


Axes metaverse is going to be a popular one like their games available for iOS, Android, Xbox and Playstation. Azure games is an old decade player in the mobile gaming industry and one of the top 5 game publisher in the world. It has already a strong foothold in the gaming industry with its axes game.

Axes Metaverse play-to-earn games is going to be more popular one. Moreover, it is backed by big partners in this industry. So, the axes metaverse is going to be an amazing metaverse project.

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