Imagine a future where you will partially exist in the real world and function in the virtual world. The virtual world will be the metaverse.  Where you can live, work and play in the metaverse. But what can you do in the metaverse apart from these?

You can do a host of things in the metaverse. You can buy digital land, buy nft, earn money by playing games, work in metaverse, attend virtual concerts, attend class, shop, visit places,etc. There are more to it. 

In this blog post, I will explain everything you can do in metaverse in detail. There are many examples that are happening now and then.


The Metaverse has been a buzzworld lately. It is difficult to understand and explain it because it is not a place or just a specific technology. But, the metaverse is just a world in an attempt to describe the way how the world will interact with technology in the future.

To get a good understanding of the metaverse, you should take examples of present technology available and think about what the future of the technology is going to be. 

You might be familiar with joining a zoom or microsoft teams meeting. In these meetings, you see your co-worker or batchmates in little boxes with their video feed. Now imagine instead that you are in a 3D environment. In this environment you can interact with all of them as they are in front of you.

So, in simple terms, the highly immersive 3D space is known as metaverse. But, will this definition hold true for metaverse in the future. A big question arises –Has the real metaverse actually arrived now? Read this blog post to know more.


At present, we are in the infant stage of metaverse. Much more of the metaverse is to come in the future. But, you have a whole lot of things you can do in the metaverse.

Some of the things you can do in metaverse are listed below.

  • Buy Digital Land or Virtual Land
  • Buy NFT
  • Play Games
  • Attend Office and Workplace
  • Virtual Concert
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Ceremony

Each of the things you can do in metaverse is explained in detail.


Metaverse Virtual Land
Source: www.pixabay.com

Do you know that digital land in the metaverse is selling for millions? Virtual Land or Digital Land is a real estate in the metaverse you can buy. The land is in the form of NFT. You can trade the land in the metaverse. Moreover, you can do a host of things with these digital lands like the physical land. 

I will list some use cases of digital land or virtual land.

  • Sell the land at a higher price in the secondary market.
  • Renting the land to somebody.
  • Placing advertisements on your digital land.
  • Developing business in the land,

As of now buying digital land is one of the best thing you can do in metaverse. You can buy land from the following metaverse project.


Source: www.pixabay.com

NFT or Non-Fungible Token as the name suggests is a type of token that cannot be replaceable by another item , so, the word non-fungible. NFT is used to represent anything that is unique in a metaverse. Buying NFT for the metaverse is the best thing to do in metaverse.

NFT is used to tokenize unique items in metaverse like art, collectible, land, avatars, etc. So, in any metaverse you can create or trade NFT. The digital land explained in the above point is a NFT. You can buy the land and sell it for a higher price.

At a single point of time there can be only one NFT owner. NFTs are minted through smart contract and also this smart contract mage the transferability of the NFT.Not only land is an NFT, digital art, music, videos,etc are also NFT.  So, there are a whole lot of opportunities in NFT and good investment options.


shiba inu metaverse shiberse
Source: official shibatoken community discord server

To the majority of people, the metaverse is just a video game. This holds somewhat true as most of the metaverse project started as an online video game-the metaverse games or GameFi. But, these metaverse games are completely different from traditional games.

The metaverse games or GameFi  is based on the Play to Earn(P2E) strategy rather than Pay to Earn. You are rewarded tokens or cryptocurrency to play the game. So, as of now playing metaverse games is the best thing to do in metaverse.

Blockchain technology and NFT have made this possible. The gaming industry has already moved from individual games to more community based one. The following points will make it clear.

  • In Metaverse Games or GameFi or NFT based Games, the players can earn in the form of game tokens that can be exchanged for fiat currency or real currency.
  • Many people are depending on this type of game as their sole income source.

List of Metaverse Games

Some of the metaverse games that are famous are listed below. You can earn real income by playing these games.


when will metaverse actually arrive
Source: www.pixabay.com

Very soon, your office and workplace will completely shift to metaverse. You can remain  in your home, sign in to your office in metaverse and begin your work. Your manager or boss might be from another part of the world , he or she can come and sit near you and guide you in your work. This is a perfect example of office and workplace in the metaverse.

The COVID pandemic made us a few years closer to the metaverse. It has made us shift to virtual spaces. Zoom conferences, remote work, etc became popular during this period.

 Some of the major companies have already started to build workplace metaverse. To cite some examples are listed below.

  • Meta (Facebook) Horizon Workroom
  • Microsoft Workroom


As of now events and concerts are already taking place in the metaverse. The virtual concert concert eliminated the limitation of real life concerts like participants limitation, place of concert, security, etc. 

A metaverse concert can be attended by millions of participants  at a time. You don’t have to travel to see the concert. Moreover, special effects or VFX can be added to the concert to make it more interesting.

I will list some of the concerts  that have already taken place in the metaverse.

  • In October of 2021 Ariana Grande performed  in Fortnite. It was attended by 78 millions users of Fortnite.
  • Travis Scott also performed  in Fortnite in 2020. Ut attracted 12 million players of Fortnite.
  • Justin Bieber performed live for 30 minutes on 19th November of 2021 in a virtual music metaverse called Wave.

There are a whole lot of examples. In the future this space in the metaverse is going to boom.


Education in metaverse
Source: www.pixabay.com

Imagine you can visit the moon in a metaverse  to know about the environment of the moon. This is not a distant future but a way of educating that is happening right now in the metaverse. In the metaverse you will not only be able to teleport in just any place but in time also. 

On a similar note, a medical student can be a part of surgery conducted by expert doctors anywhere in the world through the metaverse. You can also easily showcase your finalyear projects and get analyzed by experts all around the world.

In the metaverse, education is going to be  beyond your thinking. The time taken to educate yourself  will drastically reduce. Home education and self education is going to be predominant. 


In time to come, most of the time you will engage in shopping in the metaverse. As e-commerce has replaced physical shopping, so will metaverse shopping replace e-commerce. This shift has already started.

In the metaverse you can buy goods in the form of virtual goods i.e NFT or  physical goods that will be derived to your doorstep.

  • McDonal’s is entering the metaverse to set up shops in the metaverse. It has filed patents for this.
  • Gucci has bought digital land in The Sandbox. It had already showcased its collection on Roblox last year.
  • Samsung has built up its virtual store in the metaverse known as “Samsung 837X” in Decentraland.


Advertisement in metaverse
Source: www.pixabay.com

Banners, hoarding , etc displayed in our real physical world are going to be displayed in the metaverse also. These advertisements are going to be fully immersive. You can interact and teleport to the advertisement in the metaverse.

Imagine you see an advertisement for a car and like it. You can interact with the ad and even teleport to the showroom of the car. See the car, feel the car and even test drive the car. If you like the car, you can place the order of the car in the metaverse and the physical car will  be delivered to you.


Metaverse and its related technology is a boon to humankind. VR technology is already being used in the healthcare system. Since VR headset is a part of metaverse interacting device, it is going to change the world of healthcare in time to come.

 VR in healthcare is called Therapeutic VR. In the metaverse healthcare system surgeons will meet in a virtual operation theater and perform an operation with consultation from an expert. Johns Hopkins performed its first augmented surgery in patients.

The patient’s health data will be stored in the blockchain. The doctor can pull up the data of the patient wherever he requires. He doesn’t need to go through every health data, rather he can search for specific data.


Tourism industry in the metaverse is going to boom better than physical tourism. You can be anywhere anytime. Time, Cost, Restriction and any other factor is not going to matter. You can even visit places that you have never thought of .

Every tourist places, monuments, etc going in the metaverse is going to be the digital twin of the real physical ones. The technology of metaverse will be developed in such a way that you can touch and fell the place as if you are really visiting the place.

I can cite an example, if you go to a sea beach in the metaverse, you can feel the sand or water and feel the blow of wind on your face . It is going to be a fully immersive experience in the metaverse.

Along with tourism, the hospitality sector is also going to boom. For booking any physical hotel, you can see every details of the hotel before booking in the metaverse. This will provide an interactive hotel room experience with authentic local and cultural experience.


Ceremonies like marriage are being performed in the metaverse. A couple in Taim Naidu, India hosted their wedding reception in metaverse on 5th February of this year. The wedding reception was held for 1 hour and cost nearly $2000. Moreover, the groom’s late father was also present at the wedding reception. 

Since marriage can happen in the metaverse, other ceremonies will also take place in the metaverse.


Now, you have come to know what you can do in metaverse. You can buy digital land, buy nft, earn money by playing games, work in metaverse, attend virtual concerts, attend class, shop, visit places,etc. I will be adding more things you can do in metaverse now and then. So, please keep visiting this blog.

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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