HTC’s Virtual Reality Division Vibe has stepped into the metaverse gold rush. It has developed its own open and secure metaverse platform called VIVERSE. The ecosystem of viverse seems to have a promising future with its own AR/VR headset, tools and technologies.

In this blog post, I will provide all the details of viverse like technologies involved, its ecosystem, tools, etc. Moreover, this blog post will cover in depth and detailed analysis of the practical use of viverse and what you can do in it.


Viverse is HTC’s version of the metaverse. It will provide an immersive metaverse experience aceesible via VR/AR headset or through PCs and mobile’s.

Viverse will have immersive universe that will provide fantastic new experiences. You can do everything in it from meditation to excercise, meetings to tourism, educate yourself to visit virtual concert and lot more.

Vive means life and viverse will be the chapters of life. It will help the users to create many new great memories. It will also encourage you to truly cherish your lives. Life in viverse will solve the physical limitation of time and space.


Viverse metaverse is an ecosystem. It is built using the following technologies.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain Technology
  • 5G
  • OpenXR for VR/AR
  • VRM for avatars.


Viverse will be an open metaverse. It will be created by its users, owned by the users and shared by the users. In my opinion Viverse is going to have a Decentralized Autonomous  Organization (DAO).

Viverse ecosystem consists  of many open source projects. Exactly viverse will consist of of the following things.

  • Virtual Environment
  • Governance
  • Avatar
  • NFT
  • Content Management
  • Wave
  • Community
  • Security & Privacy


Viverse is going to have the following characteristics. They are listed below.



It was surprising to see you can do everything in viverse that is possible in the metaverse as of today. From exercise to work, from education to surgery, etc. This section will cover in details everything you can do in viverse.


You can start your day with guided meditation like HeadSpace meditation app but in an immersive way. Guided meditation in veiverse will provide a source of calm and inspiration.

The real life meditation is better but it is more accessible and easy to enjoy with your friends and loved onew.


Viverse will have a NFT marketplace called VIVE ARTSIn vive arts you can buy digital art NFT. Their latest collection is  “Timeless Mucha”. It is a limited edition NFT of selected artwork by Alphonse Mucha.

You can buy NFT using 

  • Cryptocurrency- ETH
  • Fiat Currency- Dollar

VIVE Arts uses a layer 2 solution for blockchain minting and has joined the Crypto Climate Accord.


You can watch live concert inside the Viverse. For that you can buy tickets to watch the live concert. It can accommodate many users all around the world.


You can visit the places that are inaccessible to most of you due to time and money constraints. Yes, virtual tourism is possible in viverse. 

You can walk through the streets of Rome in your avatar, even talk with other avatars in that part of the world. You can visit Antarctica that is inaccessible in eal world to most of the people  in this metaverse. 


Virtual education is inbuilt in the viververse. The viverse will have AI assisted education. Your mentor or teacher will be an AI avatar, who will guide and teach you.

You can learn from a whole lot of courses like team leadership training courses and many more. It is seen that people training in metaverse using VR is more focussed and faster than tradition way.

Your children can visit places through virtual tourism of viversera to learn things immersively. For example they can visit Antarctica in viverse learning the effect of climate change and the diminishing habitat of penguins.


You can build your virtual office in viverse. You can join your team from different part of the world in viverserse at the virtual campus. You can collaborate with you colleges on common project. You can build 3D model of products using the design tools together.


 HTC’s Vive Sync is such a platform where virtual meeting can be held in the HTC’s metaverse-viverse.  Vive Sync is all in one meeting and collaboration platform  for VR.

Vive Sync has have suite of 3D interactive meeting tools where you can interact with 3D content in ways never before possible. 

At present upto 30 people meeting in viververse at a time.  You can  easily schedule meetings with Outlook Add-In and Join meetings with just a click Moreover Vive Sync supports uploading a wide range of file formats for the meeting.


Healthcare is the most innovative part of this metaverse. Physical treatment can be provided to patient through gamification. Even virtual surgery is performed in viverse by building a 3D model first.

 For example, pain treatment is given to patients in the viverse through gaming experience though pain management and physical therapy at home with personalized clinical guidance. 

A team of surgeons collaborated on a complex surgery to separate a pair of conjoined twins. They took help of advanced 3D visualization tools that go far beyond their visual limitations. Many medical students around the world saw this virtually using VR headset.


There is also a private space for every individual in the viverse. These are known as virtual retreat spaces or VIVE Lo-FI. It provides relaxation, recreation, and increases  productivity.

Here you can create your own private office which will seamlessly switch into a Lo-FI environment.


You can access the viverse through many  ways. You can easily access viverse through HTC’s VIVE VR Products. 

Since, viverse is open and accessible to anyone. So, you can access the viverse from any online device through the VIVE Connect Tool.


Vive Bytes is viverse tool created by HTC to help users and companies to build their own universe or metaverse. This will enable for a standard format for creating different metaverse and will ensure smooth transition between different metaverse i.e interoperability of metaverse.


In this section, I will list the top events or things you can do in viverse as of now.

  • Cat Art NFT Gallery
  • Monster Fruit Academy NFT Gallery
  • Vive Arts Online Viewing Room in Art Basel
  • Birdie Wing Metaverse Museum
  • Own Your Look


As you have seen, HTC’s open and secure metaverse platform viverse provides everything you can imagine to do in a virtual environment. This will create incredible memories of our life without leaving homes. Let us see how the people will accept the viverse and what the future lies ahead.

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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