Every decade gets an investment opportunity, that will make you rich? And this decade will be the decade of  Metaverse and its related technologies.So, it will be wise to invest in Metaverse.

You can invest in metaverse by buying stock of companies that are investing in metaverse. You can even buy digital land, buy cryptocurrency of the metaverse projects or even buy NFT. These are all good options but come with risk.

In this blog post, you will come to know How to invest in Metaverse? I will explain 5 ways to invest in Metaverse.

Why Investing in Metaverse Matters?

In our parents’ time, it was real estate. But in our time metaverse could be one such opportunity in our lifetime.

Metaverse is in early stage. It is dubbed as the next internet. If you’re into investing in metaverse from now onwards, you can earn an hansome income.

Therefore spend some time reading my blog post. I assure you will learn a lot of things in an intuitive manner. This blog post will give you all the information for you to invest in metaverse. 

What is Metaverse actually?

Most of you get confused when they talk about the metaverse. Most of you think it is a kind of video game. But let me explain to you in an easy way.

Think Metaverse is a New Planet.

At present we are living on earth and we have created a new planet in Virtual Reality (VR). This new planet is called Mataverse.In this new planet you do so many things. For example you can do the following things.

  • Walk around in Avatars. 
  • Interact with other people
  • You can work, play games, hold meetings, etc

Value derived from Metaverse

From the present video games, you are driving entertainment value. But in the metaverse, you can derive many values along with the entertainment value. Some of the values you can derive from the Metaverse are as follows. 

  • Earn money to play games
  • Launch own cryptocurrency
  • Party with friends
  • Start new business, etc

With some many values derived from metaverse, makes it the foremost innovation of the decade and our generation. 

So, I feel you should learn more about it, figure out what investment options are there.

Type of Metaverse

types of metaverse

At present, according to me there are two types of Metaverses. It depends on the concept who owns the Metaverse. 

 I am listing the two kinds of Metaverse below.

  • Closed Metaverse (Centralized Metaverse) : Metverse like one created by Meta (Facebook), Nvidia, etc
  • Open Metaverse (Decentralized Metaverse): The Metaverse created on Blockchain technology.

To know more about types of metaverse, see this blog post.

For investment purposes, you can invest in both kinds of metaverse. You can invest in Meta(Facebook) stock or buy NFT or buy cryptos/token of decentralized metaverse.


Metaverse is a technology of the future. At present, it is in infant stage. So, it will be wise to invest in metaverse right from now. I have explained in details the 5 ways to invest in metaverse as mentioned below.


A word of advice, invest in Metaverse at your own risk. I am not a financial advisor, invest at your own risk.


Established tech giants like Meta(Facebook), Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, Amazon, etc have already invested so much resources for their Metaverse project. If you want to know what metaverse project these tech companies are making or already made, you can find it here.

As you know, Metaverse is the next big thing. So, buying stock of companies investing in metaverse project is the best invest in metaverse option. It would be wise to invest in the stock of this companies. These stocks would definitely give you a good return.


At present, there are many metaverse projects coming up. But, at present there are 3 major Metaverse projects. Each metaverse project has its own token or cryptocurrency.

The token or cryptocurrency of the major metaverse project are listed below.

Axie InfinityAXS, SLP

Buying token of these metaverse project is the best invest in metaverse option. You have to hold the token. You can sell it when the prices are high. You can buy and sell these token through some crypto exchange.


digital land metaverse virtual land

Buying digital land or  land in Metaverse is the craziest thing going on in the world right now. Digital land in metaverse is selling for millions. According to me, it is the best invest in metaverse option right now. As it is going to give you massive returns.

Now the question comes to your mind, has anybody invested in this virtual land. The answer is yes. Big real estate companies like Meteverse Group have brought 116 parcels(6090 square feet) of land for $ 2.5 million. Another company Republic Realm has bought a plot of virtual land for $4.3 million.

Keep in mind that there is only a limited plot of land in the metaverse. Most of the land in popular metaverse like Decentraland, Sandbox are already sold. But you can buy them too.

You can buy land in the metaverse from the primary market or secondary market. To know more about buying land in Metaverse, see here.

How can you earn by investing in Virtual Land or Land in Metaverse?

There are unlimited things you can do with this virtual land. The possibilities are the same as the things you would do in the real world with a piece of land. 

I will list some of them.

  • Sell the land at a higher price in the secondary market.
  • Renting the land to somebody.
  • Developing business in the land



Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is the big thing happening in the crypto world. So, it is the same in Metaverse. In the simple world NFT is a digital asset that is unique. Still you want to know what a NFT is, read here. 

The virtual land or digital land in Metaverse is an NFT. Because, there can only be one type of plot in that location in that particular metaverse. There are several other things that can be NFT in Metaverse.

Some of them are

  • Land
  • Apparels
  • Avatars
  • Digital Art
  • Any commodity in the metaverse

And lots more.

You can create or buy these NFT and use them in the Metaverse. So, buying NFT is a great invest in metaverse option.

How can you earn by investing in NFTs?

So, how can you earn by investing in a NFT? The answer is simple. Still I will list some of the options.

  • Selling it for a higher price. You can set a fixed rate for the NFT or put it for the bidding process.
  • Earn royalty for the NFT, when it is sold any number of times.

If you see the internet space, you will come across 4-5 new metaverse project pop up now and then. Many developers, individual are rushing into metaverse project or its related technologies. Many of them are in need of fund to start up their metaverse project.

So, if you have capital , you can be an angel investor to any promising metaverse project. You can be a venture capital investor also. This is way how you can directly invest in metaverse.

Risk Involvement To Invest In Metaverse

Every investment has a risk involved in it . So, there is risk involvement to invest in metaverse. of now, I can see three types of risk risk involvement to invest in metaverse.

  • Financial Risk
  • Emotional Risk
  • Physical Risk

Now let me  briefly explain each of them 

Financial Risk

Investing in Metaverse is a high risk high return proposition. There are 3 financial risks involved in investment in the metaverse.

Metaverse might be a bubble

For everyone to be convinced that there is a future in the metaverse, it is difficult as of now. Many of you might not believe it will be the next technology after the mobile phone revolution. 

Metaverse might be a bubble. It might die 5-6 years from now. But, I am bullish on Metaverse. It is the future of today’s technology. But for most of you it might not be.

Intrinsic value of Digital Assets

Buying Land in the metaverse, NFT, is a good investment. But, you can be sure whether that particular land is worth it. If nobody buys the land from you or nobody rents your land. It  would be a waste of investment.

But, if the metaverse becomes a super hit, it will be the best investment you made in your lifetime.

NFT Not Picking Up

Suppose you bought a NFT or created a NFT by some artist. So, you have invested some amount of money in it. If nobody buys your NFT, it will be a waste of investment. But for high return there will obviously be a high risk involved. 

Emotional Risk

In the metaverse you can do all the things you haven’t thought of. Avatar of you in the metaverse is such a thing. In the metaverse you can make your own avatar. You can decide to choose skin color, height, apparels to wear, etc.

And it might be after a few years you might love your avatar of metaverse more than yourself. You will be emotionally attached to it. So, for some people it might be difficult for them to get out of the metaverse. It will impact their emotional mind.

Physical & Health  Risk

As the technology grew, it brought more risk to our health. It might be metaverse that will bring physical and health risk to you. 

When most of the people get hooked to metaverse, it will be difficult for them to get out of it. It will be a similar situation just as mobile phones are these days.


Metaverse is going to be the next big thing. So, start to invest in the metaverse right from. You can buy stock of companies investing in metaverse, buy digital land, buy NFT or even buy token or cryptocurrency of any metaverse project. 

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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