The term metaverse is old but the metaverse is new. We are in the early stages of the metaverse. The future of the metaverse which we are headed is unpredictable. And more to that, there are 3 shocking metaverse predictions you are unaware of.

There are 3 shocking metaverse predictions which will shape the future of metaverse. One of the prediction is that the metaverse will be bigger than planet earth. Other are more interesting.

In this blog post, I have come up with 3 shocking metaverse predictions and a bonus metaverse prediction. I have tried to explain these predictions  with the real life development that is going on with the metaverse.


Metaverse is dubbed as an immersive successor of the Internet. It is a 3D repression of the digital world that will replace today’s 2D internet. Many metaverse projects are popping out now and then. Nobody knows whether the open metaverse or closed metaverse will be the dominant one in future. 

But here are the 3 most shocking metaverse predictions that will shape the future of metaverse. Most of these metaverse predictions you are unaware of. 


The first shocking, metaverse prediction is that the metaverse will be larger than our physical world. I have taken some real life examples to prove my point.

Metaverse is a 3D digital world  that represents our physical world. Will it be an exact replica of our physical world or much bigger than it. But exactly how big will it be?

As per Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, the metaverse will be physically bigger than our physical world. In the metaverse, you can do the following things that is not possible in the real world

  • You will buy and own 3D things
  • Creators will make more things in the metaverse than do in the physical world.

Many metaverses are being built by different companies using Nvidia’s Omniverse, Niantic Lightship, etc. They might be building using their own engine. Each metaverse will act as a planet where you can jump from one to another.

These multiple metaverse builds will be connected to planetary scale metaverse. The metaverse being built will be far bigger than the size of planet. Some might be the exact replica or some might be built on imagination. 


nvidia omniverse
Source: https://www.nvidia.com/en-in/omniverse/

Nvidia Omniverse is a set of softwares to create virtual objects in the metaverse. Ominverse contains a life-size mirror of the entire planet. It will contain a digital twin of the whole earth.This digital twin of the earth will link to other worlds.

A digital twin is the exact 3D copy of a physical object of our real world in a metaverse. But, what is the use of these digital twins? Practical applications of digital twins are used by many companies. I will explain some of them.

Application of Nvidia Omniverse

A car company like BMW is using the metaverse to design and simulate new cars. It is using Nvidia’s Omniverse in the following ways.

  • To make critical decisions about its design. 
  • To collaborate and simulate the car they are making.

Ericsson is using the Nvidia Omniverse to create a digital twin of an entire city. They are planning to install 15 million 5G microcells and towers to deploy globally in the next 4-5 years.

For this purpose they have built a twin environment exactly like the physical city in terms of vegetation, infrastructure and materials of the building. And they use Nvidia’s Omniverse to help them determine how to place and configure each of their sites for the best coverage and network performance.

Nvidia has also created a digital twin city as a simulation ground of driverless cars. These driverless cars will learn how to drive in the metaverse and use that learning to drive in the real physical world. So, here metaverse will be the practice ground and playground for robots.


Niantic is the company that created Pokemon GO. Niantic CEO sees metaverse as life size digital world that interacts with our daily reality wherever you are on earth.

Niantic has developed Lightship- an augmented reality kit. They have claimed it to build the real-word metaverse. Lightship platform is a technology that connects the real world atoms with the digital world’s atoms-the bits.

According to them, the metaverse prediction is that it will not be like the sci-fi metaverse but a real-world metaverse. A real-world metaverse will use these technologies to improve your experience of the real world. The real-world metaverse will be a place of purpose of novelty and community


This is the 2nd Metaverse prediction that will blow your mind off. Within the coming decade you won’t be able to tell the difference between the metaverse and physical reality.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, metaverse will be common among the people in 5-10 years. According to him a metaverse will contain digital goods that will be not in high definition or ultra high definition. But these objects will be at such a reality  level in which you will be confused with the real and virtual world.

Retina Level Definition

In the coming 5-10 years the virtual reality glasses and headsets we use to experience the metaverse will be at reality level. It will be at such a reality level where you won’t be able to find the difference between digital and real world. This is called retina level definition.

When a virtual reality display has 60 pixels per degree it is known as retina level definition. A normal human eye has 576 megapixels per eye. But retina level definition will have higher resolution than the retinas in our eyes.

This technology will be so immersive that you can fall asleep in your AR Glasses and be in the metaverse. When you wake up you will have no idea if what you are seeing is reality or not. This is an shocking metaverse prediction.

Varjo XR-3

Varjo XR-3 is a retina level definition headset. It is the highest performance reality headset for professionals. It cost $6000. So, it is mostly used byu big companies. They are used by car designers, fighter pilots and astronauts.

Kia motors is using Vajro headset to speed up their design. Starliner program uses Varjo headset for astronaut training for all stages in virtual space and rockets.

When the cost of retina  level  glasses drops and computing power grows, it will be in everyone’s hand. In a span of 10 years reality is going to merge with a lifelike digital metaverse. You will be able to interact with anyone and anywhere. You can even  teleport and time travel to any place anytime.


invest in metaverse
Source: www.pixabay.com

This is my 3rd metaverse prediction you might not be aware of. The economy in metaverse-crypto, NFT, DeFI, etc will be bigger than the world economy. In the next 10 years digital currencies and the meta economy will grow so big billionaires in the metaverse will exceed billionaires in the real world.

You might be aware of the booming NFT economy. Many NFT are sold for millions of dollars. For example a digital art of Beeple (Michael Joseph Winkelmann) was sold for 69 million dollars.

There will be 200 billionaires when bitcoin hits a million dollars. The world currently has 2200 billionaires. That means 50 percent of billionaires will be crypto billionaires. 

In time to come, more and more people will exchange value in the metaverse than the real world. There will be more billionaires in the metaverse by woening digital assets than fiat currencies millionaires.


Web 3 version of the internet is going to replace the Web 2 version. Everything is going to be decentralized than the centralized internet in Web 2.  This is one of the metaverse prediction that will surprise you.

Metaverse will do the following things to replace today’s internet.

  • There will be no more google search as our virtual assistant will do it for us.
  • You don’t have to use keyboard, mouse, etc as we will walk and talk in the metaverse just like in the real world.
  • There will be no more apps as we just travel or teleport from world to world of apps.
  • There will be no more screen time as you will be accessing the metaverse from wearable devices.

The internet and mobile will be a relic as pages and fax machines are today. But, the base layer will be provided by the technology you use today.


So, now you might have realized, the metaverse is bigger than you think of. The concept of metaverse is going to change in the near future. These 3 shocking metaverse predictions will be the shaping footstep of the metaverse. Hope to meet you in the metaverse in near future.

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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