Metaverse is the next technology of the future. It is the successor of the mobile internet. Metaverse is going to affect our future. But, how will the metaverse affect the future?

Metaverse will affect the future of real estate investment, e-commerce, advertisement, education and many more. These fields will completely change our lives and this will affect our future.

In this blog post, I will explore in how metaverse has started to shape our lives as of now. I will explain how metaverse will affect in the future by changing different sectors or field .But before that I will give a simplified meaning of metaverse and more.


In simple terms, Metaverse is the virtual world of our real physical world. Everything you do today will be replicated in the Metaverse.

physical word mirror of virtual world

Like our profile picture or DP, in the metaverse the profile picture will be in 3D in the form of Avatar. This Avatar of you will do everything for you in the virtual world-metaverse.

The avatar will work upon your instruction and commands through some hardware. And time to come, the avatar of yours will be there always after you leave this physical world.

How will Metaverse affect the future?

I think in the positive sense, COVID has been a boon to us in terms of growth of our interaction with technology. Most of us were stuck in our home. So, data and the internet became a friend to you.

Before the COVID happened, you used to do many things physically, although the services were present online. But you become bound to do these things virtually online. And it became a habit for you. Physical interaction reduced and online interaction grew rapidly.

Like COVID, Metaverse is going to do the same things for us. It is going to provide us an immersive experience you have never thought or experienced. Metaverse is going to affect the future and be the future.

I have come up with 7 fields which are going to be affected by metaverse. This field will decide how the metaverse will affect the future. The field are:-

  • Real Estate Investment
  • E-Commerce
  • Advertisement
  • Events & Concerts
  • Interaction
  • Education
  • Nation & Governance
  • Entertainment


Investment is real estate was considered the best investment option in your parents time. You just buy a plot of land and sell it when the price becomes high. But, in metaverse this thing is completely going to change.

In the metaverse many land i.e digital land is being sold. Presently, digital land and NFT are the trending topics in Metaverse.  There are many platforms where land is sold. If you like you can buy one too.

Digital Real Estate

digital land

Buying digital land in the metaverse is one the best investment options in the metaverse. In the coming time, people buying land in the real physical world will reduce significantly. People will buy digital land instead of physical land.

So, real estate investment i.e digital real estate investment is the next big thing of future. This is one way how the metaverse will affect the future. 

Just like you can rent land, set up a business, build a home, etc in the physical world. The same thing you can do in Metaverse.

Websites/Platforms where you can buy Digital Land.

I will highlight some websites and platforms where you can buy digital land.

I will explain in details how you can buy digital land in these platform, in coming up post.


E-commerce will completely change in Metaverse. Through e-commerce, the metaverse will affect the future. I will explain how it is going to do so.

Presently, e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, etc provide 2D feel and look of the things you are going to buy. But, when metaverse will take over the world, e-commerce platforms will provide a more immersive way to interact with goods.

I can imagine e-commerce in Metaverse in two perspectives. You will come to how e-commerce in the metaverse will affect the future.

Goods in Metaverse

E-commerce platforms like Amazon are going to be some big shopping malls in the metaverse. Each category of goods will be in a different section. You can hold, see and even feel the good you are going to buy through some physical hardware attached to your body.

If you want to buy the goods, you have to pay in cryptocurrency. You can obtain the goods in two forms.

  • Virtual Goods in form of NFTs
  • Physical goods that will be actually delivered to you by the e-commerce platform.


Food delivery services like Doordash, Uber Eats, etc in metaverse will be in the next level. I can imagine two things with food delivery in the metaverse.

Actual Food Delivery through Metaverse

In the metaverse, you can go to a virtual restaurant or food drive away. You can see the menu  and what the food is going to look like. You have to pay for your food in cryptocurrency and the actual food will be delivered to you.

Smell and Taste of Food through Metaverse

This section is of my own imagination. In time to come, some hardware will be developed where you can smell and taste the food you are eating. Like trying clothes before buying, you can smell and taste food before ordering it.

Advertisement in metaverse

Advertisement in the metaverse is going to be the next big thing in the future. New options of advertisement are going to be invented in the metaverse. 

Banners, hoarding , etc displayed in our real physical world is going to be displayed in metverse also. But, there it will be more immersive. You can interact with the advertisement, teleport to the destination of the advertisement.

For example, if there is an ad about a car. You will be able to teleport to the car showroom. See the car, feel the car and even drive the car before buying it.

In the metaverse, you can earn through advertisements also. I can imagine the following ways you can earn through advertisements in metaverse.

  • Displaying ad in the land you own in metaverse
  • Displaying the logo or ad of the company in your digital assets like apparels.
  • Making advertisements for metaverse for your client.

So, you  know the way advertisements will be done  in the metaverse will affect the future.

Events and Concerts

Events in Metaverse are already taking place. The concerts and events are attended by millions of users at times. This would never be possible in a real world situation. So, events and concerts in the metaverse will affect the future.

There are many limitations of Events and Concerts in the real physical world. The number of people attending is limited, go to the place to see the event, etc. But, in the metaverse there will be no limitation.

In metaverse, 

  • there is no limit of person attending the events or concert
  • Everyone across the world can attend the concert
  • See you concert as if you are sitting the front row
  • Interact with the persons attending the concert
  • Special effects can be seen in the concert or event like lead singer avatar is made big., etc


Video calling gained importance during COVID. But, metaverse is going to change the experience of interaction with others completely. 

In the metaverse, you can immersively interact with others through your avatars. You can talk, play games, do some tasks, etc.

In the future, I think you don’t have to go to your workplace to do work. You will be doing everything in the metaverse. This is how metaverse will affect the future of interaction

Interaction in metaverse in the future

  • Talk face to face with your family and friends through your avatars.
  • Hold business meeting or office meeting anywhere on the earth
  • Visit any place you like to visit through your avatar.

Meta(Facebook) is working on a project called Cambria. In it they are working on a prototype of a cheap VR headset that can transfer our facial expression to our avatar in metaverse.


Education in metaverse

Education is going to drastically change in the metaverse. Education in the metaverse will definitely affect our future. It will be clear when I explain some aspects of future education in the metaverse.

The interaction the students will have in the metaverse will be immersive and real. Students will be able to sit in a virtual classroom in their avatars. The capacity of students attending a lecture will be unlimited. A teacher sitting in his or her home can teach the students of the whole world at a time.

Students can interact with other fellow students across the globe. He/She can hold discussion, debate, chat, etc.

Students will have the option to be taught by the best teacher in the world. Visit any place or see any documentary or animation to have a better understanding of the topic.

 I can go on giving many examples, and will do so in another post exclusively for education in the metaverse. This is how the metaverse will affect the future of education.

Nation and Governance

I surely think the concept of nation and governance will completely change in the metaverse. Here I mean the real national and government of the real physical world of ours.

In the metaverse, all nations will be connected as one. Since most of the metaverse is decentralized, all the users will have the same power. This will bring a change in mindset of the people. The line between the real world and the metaverse will diminish.

 The system of governance, economic systems like capitalism, socialism, etc will become thin or fade away. A new system on the line of metaverse is going to prevail in the era of metaverse. 

This is how the metaverse will affect the future of the nation and governance.


With launch of VR/AR Headset like Oculus Quest 2 and other related hardware like Owo Haptic Vest entertainment has got to another level.

Using these device you can actually experience the real immersive metaverse. It makes you feel you are a part of the experience.

More devices and hardware are in development. They will surely make the metaverse experience to next level.


The Metaverse Era has already begun. Virtual concerts and events have already took place in metaverse. Metaverse will be the next big thing in the word.

Metaverse will affect the future in terms of real estate, e-commerce, advertisement, events and concerts, and ways of integration. Metaverse will affect the  future in the field of education and governance of the real world also. So,wait and embrace the future into the metaverse.

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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