ApeCoin or APE is the top most metaverse token by market capitalization with 1.59 billion dollars. ApeCoin Price Prediction 2022, 2025 and 2030 for investing is crucial as the acceptance and usability of ApeCoin increasing day by day.

ApeCoin is the native cryptocurrency of the Ape Ecosystem. Yuga Labs is the creator of Ape Ecosytem which is famous for their NFT collection like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). 

In this blog post cum article, I will deep dive into the fundamental analysis of ApeCoin and give you ApeCoin price prediction 2022-2030. But before that, I will walk you through basic information of ApeCoin and the massive ecosystem they are building .


Ape Coin is the native cryptocurrency or primary token of Ape Ecosystem. It will be the native currency for the upcoming metaverse of Ape Ecosystem – OtherSide

The mastermind behind ApeCoin  is Yuga Labs. For those who don’t know Yuga Labs. They are the creators of famous NFT collection like

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)
  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)
  • Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC)
  • CryptoPunks
  • Meebits

Their metaverse named Otherside Metaverse is creating a hype among the users after they have released the second teaser video of Otherside Metaverse.

All of the above NFT collections are of high demand and rare. The launch of ApeCoin to their ecosystem has gained massive acceptance.


Other side Coda of Bored Ape metaverse
Source: Twitter

ApeCoin is created by ApeCoin DAO which is governed by ApeCoin DAO Foundation. ApeCoin Dao Foundation was created by Yuga Labs.

DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Organization. To know more about DAO read the following blog post.

Yuga Labs is a Web3 company which is famous for their NFT collection like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), MAYC, CryptoPunks, Meebits, etc. Their upcoming metaverse ‘OtherSide” has also created much hype.


To get correct ApeCoin Price Prediction, the tokenomics of it is essential. In this section, I will in analyze ApeCoin in depth.

The total supply of ApeCoin or circulation of ApeCoin is fixed at 1 billion tokens. No system of minting new ApeCoin or burning ApeCoin is available.

This means that in the whole world only 1 million of ApeCoin will remain fixed permanently. It can’t increase or decrease unlike other cryptocurrency.

But, some of the tokens are locked. They will not be available  from circulation. This token will be unlocked eventually over a period of 48 months according to the schedule mentioned here.

ApeCoin is distributed among 4 main groups. They are listed below.

  • Ecosystem Fund (NFT holders + DAO Treasury and Resources)
  • Yuga Labs + Charity
  • Launch Contributors
  • BAYC Founders
Fig: ApeCoin Distribution

For Non-NFT holders of Yuga Labs, you can buy ApeCoin for crypto exchanges like Binance, OKX, BingX,etc.


ApeCoin was launched on March 17, 2022. Only 30.25% of the token was circulated. The launch price of ApeCoin was $7.26

Each  BAYC NFT holder  got 10,094 ApeCoin airdropped to them for free. You can see the whole list of ApeCoin airdropped to the NFT holder of Ape Ecosystem below.

ApeCoin is owned and operated by ApeCoin DAO. This DAO is responsible for day-to-day administration, bookkeeping, project management, etc. All the holders of ApeCoin are ApeCoin DAO members, so do I.


If you see the distribution of ApeCoin, 15% is held by BAYC/MAYC NFT holders and 47 % for DAO treasury/resources. 

A large % of ApeCoin is held by few people or we can say held by whales. So, this is the problem , whales can dump it and we will see a huge crash.

The table below shows release of ApeCoin and % of release on the date of release.e 17th March, 2022.

ApeCoin AllocationApeCoin Allocated % of Release on 17th Match, 2022
BAYC / MAYC NFT holders150 millions100%
DAO Treasury and Resources470 millions25%
Yuga Labs150 millions0%
Charity (Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation)10  millions0%
Launch Contributors140 millions7.14%
BAYC Founders80 millions0%
Total1000 millions (1 billion)27.75 %

From the table above, you can see that most  of ApeCoin are not available for general crypto buyers. The rest of coins will be released in a fixed schedule that is shown in the next section.


From the above section, you came to know that only 27.75% of ApeCoin was released and came to circulation. 

Out of 470 millions ApeCoin for DAO treasury and resources, only 117.5 millions were released. The rest are scheduled to be released in a period of 48 months or 4 years.

The table below shows the schedule of release of the rest of ApeCoin.

ApeCoin AllocationApeCoin to be releasedSchedule of release & Vesting Period
BAYC / MAYC NFT holders0NA
DAO Treasury and Resources352.5 millions7,343,750 ApeCoin per month for 48 months
Yuga Labs150 millionsLockup for 12 months, then 4,166,66.67 ApeCoin per month for 36 months
Charity (Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation)10  millionsLockup for 12 months, then 277,777.78 ApeCoin  per month for 36 months
Launch Contributors130 millionsLockup for 12 months, then rest ApeCoin  per month for 36 months
BAYC Founders80 millionsLockup for 12 months, then 2,222,222.22 ApeCoin  per month for 36 months

So, as you can see from the table above, most Apecoins are locked for 12 months. Only 7,343,750 APE are released every month. So, there is little circulation of APE in the market as of now.

After the 12 month lock period is over, we will get to see more circulation of APE in the market for a period of 36 months.

You have to closely monitor the ApeCoin during the vesting period. As there will be more circulation of ApeCoin and the chance of a dump is more. So, there is a risk involved. To know more, see our next section.


To invest in anything, you need to do an in depth research of the thing. So, to do ApeCoin price prediction, I will analyze its price history.

History, its origin or its purpose is an important part of research for any cryptocurrency or any metaverse project. In this section, I will present to you all of these in a simplified manner.

For those, you who don’t know about ApeCoin and YugaLabs, please read this section first. You get a pretty basic and essential  idea to carry you through the rest of the blog post

NFT  HolderApeCoin Airdropped per NFTTotal Value of ApeCoin at the time of launch
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)10,094$73282.44
Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)2,042$14824.92
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)+Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC)10,950$10957.26
Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC)+Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC)2,898$21039.48


Yuga Labs has built a strong presence in the world of Web3 with their NFT collections and upcoming Otherside metaverse. They have already sold their digital land in Otherside metaverse.

Yuga Labs will  launch a new NFT collection, songs, albums, video songs, some other kind of digital content, goodies, merchandise, events, etc in future. According to me, they are going to be the next big entertainment brand like Disney and Marvel. 

All these future plans of Yuga Labs will be exclusively available for the holders of ApeCoin. It is going to be the native or default in-app cryptocurrency or token.So, ApeCoin is the 2nd most  popular metaverse coin.

In the next section, I have done ApeCoin price prediction for 2022 and ApeCoin price prediction 2025, 2030 will be updated soon.


Since, Otherside Metaverse will launch sometime at the end of this year and ApeCoin is the native currency of it.. There is hype in the metaverse world and crypto community.

So, we are going to see a spike in ApeCoin. Buying ApeCoin in this dip is much better. But, remember this is not investment advice, it is just my causal analysis.

Since its launch on 17th March, 2022, ApeCoin has seen spikes and dips along the way. The highest and lowest value of ApeCoin since its launch is given in the table below.

For doing ApeCoin price prediction 2022, I will try to analyze the ApeCoin in circulation and the price of it.


In this section, I will now analyze the price of ApeCoin vs ApeCoin in circulation. This will make ApeCoin price prediction easy.

ApeCoin Release MonthApecon Released  (Cumulative)Highest  Price for the monthLowest Price for the month
17th March, 2022117,500,000$15.29$7.26
April, 2022124,843,450$26.19$10.8
May, 2022132,187,200$20.32$5.55
June, 2022139,530,950$6.90$3.13
July, 2022146,874,400$7.18$4.21
August, 2022154,218,150$7.59$4.71
September, 2022161,561,900$4.84$4.26
October, 2022193,906,250
November, 2022201,250,000
December, 2022208,593,750

From the above table and graph, you were able to  tell that there is going to be much more dip in upcoming months. More ApeCoin are released, the price plunges more.

 So, it is better to wait for a long dip. But, you can buy the coin in part. According to me, the ApeCoin price prediction for 2022 is  $1.5 – $2.5.

So, it’s better to invest in ApeCoin in part. You can buy it now around $4, then next around $3 and rest at around $1.5 -$2.5


The highest price and lowest price is given in the table below for this year.

Highest Price of Ape Coin 2022$26.19
Lowest Price of Ape Coin 2022$3.13



Till now ApeCoin has recently achieved 2 milestones. First one was their sale of digital land in Otherside metaverse. They have sold more than 100k of metaverse property or digital land. ApeCoin was the primary payment method here.

 OtherSide metaverse is going to be released soon because they have already done their load testing recently and released their new video teaser.

ApeCoin has partnered with Animoca Game. Benji bananas is a game of Animoca Game which has 50+ million downloads. This game has been integrated with ApeCoin. So, Benji Bananas has now become a play-2-earn game and ApeCoin is given as reward to the players.

You can now understand, ApeCoin is used as a pilot project and it will be the native token of many games and projects to come. Their roadmap and vision is very clear.

Moreover, they have big people on board. You can see many celebrities, big techies, entrepreneurs are on the board.  You will see big announcements in the future. So, ApeCoin price prediction is postive.


ApeCoin or APE will play a big role in the Metaverse Economy of the world. You know metaverse is the future but which one will survive the race is still unknown. Since its launch, ApeCoin has been massively adopted and accepted by the crypto community and some major brands around the world.

We need to see how ApeCoin will be used in the metaverse and this will decide the future of this token. The more ApeCoin is used the more its price will increase and so its adoption. 

Our ApeCoin Price Prediction 2022-2030 suggests that ApeCoin has a bright future, you can buy it in the dip to come in 2023 if the crypto market does not recover.

Ziaul has been in data related field for the past eight years working as a Management Information System Manager (MIS Manager), analyzing and decoding data to provide useful information.

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