VRChat Vs METAVERSE : Which is better?

VRChat is one the most popular virtual reality online social platforms. With metaverse gaining popularity day by day, many of you are confused and what to know about VRChat Vs Metaverse.

VRChat is a virtual social platform used for gaming and socialization bur Metaverse is a group of technologies where every aspect of your physical life will be digitally transformed into a 3D virtual world.

In this blog post, we will  clear your doubt of VRChat Vs Metaverse. But first of all, you will get to know about VRChat and Metaverse. Then, you will come to know about the difference between VRChat and Metaverse as well as its similarities.


In short, VRChat is a virtual online social game. Don’t get intimidated by its name VR+Chat. If you are hearing this name for the first time, you might think it’s a chat app with a Virtual Reality feature.

Yes, it has a chat feature inbuilt in it and it is primarily built to play with Virtual Reality headsets. But, it is more than this.

VRChat is a virtual universe consisting of different virtual worlds where you can play games, socialize and hang out with other users through your avatar. Even you can built virtual worlds

and avatars and make it available for others to use.

VRChat is primarily made up of 3 basic thighs as listed below.

  • Worlds
  • Avatars
  • Users


As already said, VRChat is a virtual universe. This virtual universe consists of different virtual worlds. These worlds can be built by the users using Unity and VRChat SDK

Each VRChat world is built for a different purpose and can be either public and private. Basically, there are 4 kinds of virtual worlds in VRChat as listed below.

  • Game World
  • Social World
  • Avatar World.
  • Home World

When you load up VRChat, you land up in Home World. It is basically your home in VRChat. From there you can hop from one world to another. You can directly go to a world where there might be another user or make an instance of the world to make it private or accessible to your friends.


VRChat metaversetroop.com
Source: VRChat Press Kit

Avatar is your identity in VRChat. It is the same as your profile pic in Facebook or DP in WhatsApp. When you travel from one world to another, your avatar also travels with you.

You can own as many avatars as you want. You can change your avatar as you want. You can change your avatar by going to Avatar world as already mentioned in the previous section.


Users like me and you are the core of any online platform like VRChat. VRChat gained much popularity during lockdown. As a report, the concurrent users or users at a time  in VRChat raised to 90,000+ in 2022.

VRChat is basically built for social interaction. You can play games with your friends, meet different people around the world and even go on dates. There is much more opportunity in VRChat.

Users in VRChat are base on Trust System Algorithm. Generally, there are 6 types of users in VRChat as listed below.

  • Visitor
  • New User
  • User
  • Known User
  • Trusted
  • Friend  


In this blog MetaverseTroop, we have explained what a metaverse is actually? Many of you might think metaverse is a game because most of the metaverse available now is a game metaverse.

But, metaverse is more than just a game. Metaverse is a group of technologies where every aspect of your physical lives will be digitally transformed into a 3D virtual world. The virtual world will be the digital twin of your physical world.

To get a good concept of metaverse, you can read the following sections of our blog post mentioned below.


Real life applications of the metaverse
Some Real Life Applications of metaverse

Metaverse is just more than a game or social virtual platform like VRChat. Everything you do now in your physical world is just going to be transformed to a digital world in the metaverse.

 Everything is going to be in the metaverse. You could be doing the following things in the metaverse.

  • Own Digital Land in Metaverse
  • Attend Event and Concert by sitting in your home
  • Education
  • Watch movies & series in metaverse
  • Feel, Smell and order food in metaverse.
  • Buy Goods in metaverse
  • Socialize in metaverse
  • Governance & Nation
  • Work & Office

I can add a whole list of things. I think you have got what I am trying to say. But, the metaverse is not going to replace our physical life, it is just going to be an additional layer on top of our physical world.


“Technology is just an imagination and dream until you experience it.“

I will elaborate on the above quotes by myself. Maybe one or two  decades ago, you would not have imagined how mobile phones became a part and parcel of us. So, as the internet and so will the metaverse until we experience it.

Here in this blogpost, we are talking about VRChat Vs Metaverse. Now, from the above  sections on VRChat and Metaverse, you have a pretty basic  idea of VRChat Vs Metaverse. Still, we are here to simplify for you.

VRChat is a nascent glimpse of a part of metaverse and what it is going to be. VRChat is just a virtual social game just for entertainment and to socialize. But Metaver is more than that you already got to know.

In the next sections, I will come up with the difference between VRChat and Metaverse and the similarities between them.


In this section, you get to know the specific points on VRChat vs Metaverse. We will differentiate between VRChat and Metaverse.

VRChat is a virtual social platform.Metaverse is going to the digital twin of our physical life.
It is used primarily for gaming and socialization.Metaverse is being used and going to used for not just gaming and socialization but for every aspect of our life from education to work.
VRChat has a limited earning opportunity like offering premium subscription and selling merchandise.You will work and earn in the metaverse. Everything in the metaverse is going to have some monetary value and give opportunity to earn.
VRChat is a virtual universe with many virtual worlds.There will be many metaverse i.e there will be many universes and many worlds in that universe. So, the metaverse is going to be so big and unimaginable.
You cannot buy digital land in VRChatYou can buy digital land in metaverse. You can build something on it, rent it and even sell it.
VRChat is just a part of the prototype of a metaverse.The metaverse is going to be much more different than the metaverse available today like Decentraland, The Sandbox, etc.
VRChat is primarily made for VR Headset like Oculus, HTC Vive, etcVR headset is just a way to access metaverse but more hardware are in development for metaverse like smell, taste, sense, full presence, etc
VRChat is just a virtual imaginary world.Metaverse is primarily going to be a digital twin in the future.


You have to know the similarities of VRChat and Metaverse along with the difference to get a good concept of VRChat Vs Metaverse. I have listed them in the table below.

There are many worlds in VRChat.So, do in metaverse but there are going to be more than VRChat.
VRChat is a virtual or digital platform.Metaverse is also a digital platform
You can access VRChat using VR Headset like Oculus, HTC Vive, SteamVR, etcSo, as you do the same in metaverse but these hardware are going to be obsolete for metaverse in future.
Users are creators in VRChat. You can build virtual worlds and avatars in VRChat using Unity and VRChat SDK.Everything in the metaverse is going to be built by the users.


Is VRChat a metaverse?

VRChat is just a nascent version of a part of Metaverse.It is used primarily for gaming and socialization. Metaverse is being used and going to be used for not just gaming and socialization but for every aspect of our life from education to work.
To know more, read this blog post.

Is the metaverse and VR the same?

No, metaverse and VR are totally different.
VR is technology to access the metaverse. To know more, read this blog post.


If VRChat Vs Metaverse comes to your mind, this blog post will clear your doubt. We have tried to give you pretty decent information on VRChat and Metaverse at first. Then, we have listed the difference between VRChat and Metaverse in a table.

At last, we have even listed the similarities between VRChat and Metaverse. So, now onward never ever tell “Who needs the metaverse, when we have got VRChat”. 

We often update our blog posts with new information. So, don’t forget to visit this blogpost of VRChat Vs Metaverse on metaversetroop.com

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