Digital Banking has made our lives easier. With a few clicks you can do all the functionality within a few clicks. But now Metaverse Banking will take your banking experience to a whole new level.

In this blog post, we will deep dive how metaverse is making the banking and financial transaction possible. We will provide a list of all the banks that are providing metaverse banking.


Banking sector is starting a new revolution in the field of future technology. Few banks have already stepped into the metaverse and provide metaverse banking.

But what is metaverse banking?

In simple words, Metaverse Banking is the 3D version of digital banking with your virtual presence (avatar).

All the banking facilities like opening account, transaction, ATM facilities, loan, cards, etc will be done in metaverse.

For those who want a basic idea about the metaverse, read this blog post.


With the passing of time, many banks all around the world are jumping into the metaverse. They have started with few facilities and hands-on experience of the bank.

The list of Banks in metaverse banking are provided below.

Sl. NoName of BanksDate of OpeningCountryMetaverse Platform
1JP Morgan Feb 16, 2022USADecentraland (Oynx Lounge)
2HSBCMarch 16, 2022UKThe Sandbox
3Union Bank of IndiaAug 1, 2022IndiaKiyaverse
4KB Kookmin BankSouth KoreaSharebox
5Commercial Bank International (CBI)July 22, 2022UAEDecentraland
6SCBHKApril 25, 2022Hong KongThe Sandbox
7DBSSep 9, 2022SingaporeThe Sandbox
8Warba BankJuly 3 , 2022KuwaitThe SandboxDecentraland
9BNP ParibasFrance
10Standard CharteredApril 28, 2022UKThe Sandbox
11KEB Hana BankJul 11, 2022South KoreaThe Sandbox
12Transak PaymentAug 2,2022Decentraland
13Capital OneOctober 25, 2022USA


JP Morgan is the 1st bank ever to open its virtual bank in the metaverse. It opened a lounge called Onyx in Decentraland on Feb 16, 2022. 

The onyx lounge is located in the Metaiuku Mall of Decentraland metaverse. You will be greeted by a roaming tiger and a digital portrait of JP Morgan CEO-Jamie Dimon. You can also watch a presentation on cryptocurrency in the upper floor of this bank in metaverse.


HSBC, a British multinational bank, has acquired land in the Sandbox. By this it has become the 1st global financial service provider to enter the Sandbox.

But, HSBC has acquired the land to engage and connect with sports, E-sports and gaming enthusiasts. It has not revealed its banking plan in this metaverse platform.

But, in the future, we think it will provide banking and irs related facilities to its customers in the metaverse.


Commercial Bank International (CBI) of UAE has become the 1st bank to opt for metaverse banking in its country. 

They have opened their bank in the famous open metaverse platform Decentraland.

CBI will bring all the banking facilities along with the metaverse experience in future. As of now, you can visit CBI bank lounge  in Decentraland to get a hand-on experience in metaverse banking.


Union Bank of India has launched its lounge in metaverse called Uni-verse. It was launched in a metaverse platform called kiyaverse with the help of technology partner Tech Mahindra on August 1, 2022.

As of now, Uni-verse Metaverse banking will provide banking related information to its customers


KB Kookmin Bank, a major commercial bank in South Korea, has setup a test bed for its virtual bank by the end of last year. It is working with Sharebox, a VR startup to develop UI and interaction using VR Headset or HMD (Head mounted devices).

The metaverse bank will consist of an entrance, VIP lounge and main hall. The main hall will enable customers to access their personalized financial information.

As of now , simple banking related works can be done. Wit the help of KB Kookmin Bank metaverse, the following things can be done.

  • Customers personalized financial information.
  • Simple transactions like remittances
  • Analyze Risk return profiles and design investment portfolios
  • Training Employees
  • Financial awareness of adults.


SCBHK has acquired land in the Sandbox metaverse Mega city. They aim to experiment and build innovative experiences for their clients. At present they aim to bring local sports and art communities into the metaverse.

SCBHK along with SC Ventures have partnered together for creating opportunities in the metaverse. Hope they will bring banking and financial facilities in the metaverse. 


DBS is the first bank in Singapore to venture into the metaverse. It has partnered with The Sandbox for this. DBS is set to acquire a 3X3 plot of digital land and develop its metaverse banking experience on it.


Capital One has filed 6 trademark for its credit card on October 25, 2022. They have plans for the following things in metaverse.

  • Credit card promotions in metaverse
  • Banking and financial services in metaverse
  • Issuing credit cards services in metaverse

If you have the listed credit card of Capital One, you can avail their metaverse services.

  • Quicksilver
  • Savor
  • Spark
  • Journey
  • Venture
  • Venture X


Banks in the metaverse are going to be the digital twin of real banks in future. As of now, a virtual model of a bank is available in metaverse like Union Bank of India which gives you a 360 degree view of the bank. 

You with your avatar can visit the metaverse bank from wherever you are.


Most of the banks that have ventured into the metaverse are providing just first hands-on experience. But some banks are providing basic financial transactions.

In the future metaverse banking is going to grow like the digital banking of now. You will be able to get an immersive experience of banking.

Metaverse Banking will provide the following facilities.

  • Opening a Bank Account in the metaverse through your avatar.
  • All banking facilities and services through metaverse
  • Personales loans, cards, etc through metavers
  • Crypto and NFT Banking

But there are security and privacy concerns, so these services need a look through.


Physical banks have grown to digital banks where you can access all your information and do transactions within  a few clicks. Digital banks have given birth to digital transactions and many more facilities.

But now with the emergence of Metaverse and its associated technologies, banking in metaverse is going to be much more immersive. Metaverse Banking is going to be the 3D version of digital bank and much more.


Is there a bank in the metaverse?

Yes, there are many banks in the metaverse. As of now there are nearly 12 banks all around the world that have opened metaverse banking facilities. 
To get a complete list, click here.

What is metaverse banking?

n simple words, Metaverse Banking is the 3D version of digital banking with your virtual presence (avatar).
All the banking facilities like opening account, transaction, ATM facilities, loan, cards, etc will be done in metaverse.


More and more banks are flocking together to open up their banking facilities in metaverse. JP Morgan was the first bank to provide metaverse banking facilities. Transak payment has opened their first ATM in Decentraland.

We have provided the list of all the banks that are providing metaverse banking. The list will be updated often. So, keep visiting this blog to get news and information relating to Metaverse, Crypto, Web3 and their related technologies.

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